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We’re about more than that hour-long workout. We’re a community.

Our goal at Elevation is for you to be able to show up, do what’s on the board with every bit of effort and focus that you can muster that day, and see positive, measurable results over time — without having to think about it.

Our coaches put a lot of time and thought into the gym’s programming, splitting the year up into specific training blocks, each with a clear focus and purpose.

We have in-house CrossFit competitions and Weightlifting meets so that you can test your training and cheer on your friends, and social gatherings so that we can relax and hang out together.

Monthly Membership

Specialty Classes



- Individual training for personalized goals. 

- Effective and efficient way to achieve your individual fitness goals.  

- Each session includes mobility exercises, skill based warm-up, strength and conditioning exercises, and post workout recovery techniques. 

- Multi-session packages available. 



Weightlifting Package 

- 3 coach led sessions per week, video analysis and access to open gym. 

- Coaching to improve on Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. Including dynamic pulling drills and other supplemental exercises for the Olympic and Power lifts.

- Weightlifting platform priority. 

- Elevation is home to the Wyoming Weightlifting Barbell Club. 



- Class specific for adults 55+. 

- Workout with people with like minded interests. 

- Focus on balance, mobility and strength.

- 2 classes per week. 




- 1-on-1 private sessions or small group.

- Modified workouts for pre and postnatal women.

- Pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

- Nutrition coaching provided at every class.

- Take home workouts provided. 


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